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Backyard Conservation

If you are interested in bringing conservation from the countryside to your backyard, Backyard Conservation is the guide for you. It highlights 10 conservation activities adapted from farms and ranches for use in suburban yards and city lots, including:

  1. Tree planting
  2. Wildlife habitat
  3. Backyard ponds
  4. Backyard wetlands
  5. Composting
  6. Mulching
  7. Nutrient Management
  8. Terracing
  9. Pest management
  10. Water conservation

The guide is available for download in two parts (Backyard Conservation part 1) and (Backyard Conservation part 2) or you can visit the NRCS Backyard Conservation website for access to tip sheets and additional resources. The Lawn Irrigation Guide also includes useful information for suburban homeowners. Please contact the Ada Soil & Water Conservation District directly to request additional information.

 Living on a Few Acres

Whether you were raised in the country, the city, or the suburbia in-between, the Living on a Few Acres guidebook is your source for tips, tricks, and suggestions for managing your property. It was created by our own Idaho NRCS specifically for Idaho landowners and covers everything from soils to weeds, water to rodents. Pasture management, composting, irrigation, fertilizer, wind, wildlife… it’s all in here too!

Do your part to be a good steward of the land…download Living on a Few Acres now! And if you’d like additional copies to share with your family, friends, and neighbors please contact us directly. We’re happy to help!

Idaho Guidelines

“Idaho is a great place to live, and YOU can help keep it that way!”

Several years ago we spearheaded an effort to create and publish a useful conservation booklet for Idaho landowners. Our objective was to provide landowners with practical information and ideas to help manage and enhance natural resources on their property.

Your Land & You

The result of our effort is Your Land & You – Idaho Guidelines and it remains our “go to” guidebook for private landowners. You can download the booklet here for viewing and printing (for best results use color ink on 8 1/2″ x 14″ paper) or if you’d like to request additional hard copies (we have boxes of them!) please contact us and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

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