Farmland Preservation

The steady loss of fertile farmland in Payette County is a concern to the board of the Payette County Soil & Water Conservation District.

We would like to explore ways to bring together our community and organizations to preserve our agricultural land for the future generations of Idaho.

Watch the recording of Ada County Soil & Water Conservation District’s farmland preservation webinar from June 2020! 

Why is saving our farmland from development important?

  • Agriculture is one of Idaho’s leading industries
  • Farmland provides fiscal stability to the local government
  • Farming promotes and protects regional food systems
  • Farmland helps control flooding and protects natural wetlands. In Payette County, farmland provides groundwater recharge for our aquifer.
  • Ranches and farms provide habitat and food for local wildlife
  • Promoting family farms enhances the quality of life in communities, and allows it as an option for future generations

Agriculture and Our Economy

  • Payette County has 640 farms
  • Idaho is ranked 7th nationally for our agricultural goods and food product exports
  • Agriculture and food production is over 7% of Idaho’s GDP.
  • Agriculture creates over 50,000 jobs in Idaho, which is nearly 8% of our workforce
  • Direct farm-to-consumer sales have been rising each year in Idaho

What Steps Do We Take To Start Saving Our Farmland?

1. Educate yourself about farmland preservation: why it’s important, and how it can be accomplished.

2. Get involved with your city and county planning.

  • Payette County Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing.
    • Second Thursdays at 7 pm.

3. Talk to your elected officials. We need them to know that farmland in Payette County is important to all of us.

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